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The Best Video to Text Converter (All Languages!)

Do you ever wish that you could get a video to text converter files directly from the speech in your videos or Youtube videos that you find online? Do you want to auto-generate subtitles and also translate those subtitles to a text file? Well, what if I told you that is not completely impossible. There are various tools online that are capable of converting video to text without any additional video editing software.

A video to text converter online for free?

There are many video to text converters on the internet that can minimally convert your social media video’s speech and dialogue to text. However, the best video to text converter is due to its ability to use artificial intelligence technology to recognize speech in different languages including Spanish transcription. In addition, has an mp4 video to text converter as well as the ability to convert any video format and transcribe the speech into a subtitle. Due to its use of AI technology, it also has the best accuracy with minimal errors.

video to text converter

Convert Youtube Video to Text

Before being able to convert a Youtube video to text, you need to download the video. You can use online free Youtube video downloaders like the one below!

Youtube video to text

Then, you can use to convert the Youtube video and detect any language present in it. In addition to that, can translate your video text using speech recognition technology as well as transcribe it, making your video accessible for a more diverse and global audience. makes it super easy to add transcriptions and translations and download your transcribed video as a TXT file without any time limitation. The word processor tool available provides a service very similar to that of human service in translation. From there, you can save your text file of the Youtube video transcript into secure cloud-based servers or simply to google docs or word documents for later use in order to save time.

Text transcription for Youtube shorts videos

Youtube shorts are videos in a short format following the same format used in Tiktok and Instagram reels. You can either manually transcribe short-length videos which will take quite some time, or you can use an online video transcriber for automatic transcription of audio files. is a great option when it comes to choosing an automatic transcription software that is specialized in video formats. is 95% accurate in the audio transcripts it provides. If you do not like how something is transcribed, you can always edit it considering is also a software for editing videos without any limitations.

Facebook Video to Text Converter Online Free

Converting a Facebook or Instagram story video into text is not a very difficult task. Using an online editor you can do that in just a few minutes.

Below are the steps you need to convert a Facebook or Instagram video content to text and create subtitles:

  1. Use an online video downloading website such as
  2. Once your videos are downloaded, you can upload them to a video editing software such as
  3. From there, will automatically transcribe your video files using its voice recognition software
  4. After it is done the automatic transcription for the entire file using the free version of, you can download the text transcription into a Microsoft word document or google drive to save it for future use.
  5. You can also use that video transcription to add subtitles to the same video file
  6. Make sure to listen to the audio carefully to make sure everything is in place

And there you have it a Facebook/ Instagram video with text transcriptions and subtitles.

Can you transcribe a Zoom Video Online and Convert video to Text?

Yes, transcribing a zoom video recording is easy. Follow these 5 steps to quickly transcribe a Zoom meeting into any text format:

1. Record the meeting in Zoom

Click the “Record” button at the bottom of the Zoom meeting video screen. If you don’t see it, it is in the “More” menu section.

2. End the meeting & save the video recording

Click “End Meeting” on the bottom of your zoom screen. A recording of your meeting will be saved in “My Documents > Zoom” or to your downloads folder.

3. Use an auto transcribe platform

There are various platforms and websites for transcribing video content such as ‘happy scribe‘ and Obviously, we are Subs Love and you can start with us. Create a free account on and get ready to edit your recorded zoom meeting video.

4. Select a file to upload

In, click “Upload” and “Select file from my computer” and then go to “your zoom meeting file, then hit transcribe video. There you have it, video transcriptions in no time! We have a full guide here at this article.

You can also use your free account on to convert videos to other formats, convert video to text, translate videos using the multiple language support, as well as remove static noise and create video subtitles all in one platform.

transcribe zoom meeting

Arabic Video to Text Converter

You can use video to text convertors to convert video in most languages. Arabic is one of the most common languages in the world used by 25 different countries. Thus, there are many Youtube videos and free video content in various file formats that are in the Arabic language. is capable of converting your Arabic video into text using its artificial intelligence software that can detect speech in any language. Once you upload your video to, you are not only limited to text transcription since is a full functioning video editing software.

Can you transcribe a Xbox video to text?

Yes, you can! You just have to record and download your Xbox video files and upload them to an online audio transcriber such as and happy scribe. Since uses AI tools similar to human service for video transcription. Automatic transcription in this case is the best option since Xbox sample videos are digital and have a unique audio interface.

xbox video to text

Can you upload a transcript of an XBOX file to youtube?

Yes, you can upload a transcript from download xbox files to Youtube videos of your own. When you are in the process of uploading your Youtube video, in the section where you can upload manual subtitles, you can add in your video transcript. However, keep in mind that your video transcript has to be in a readable format compatible with Youtube videos and the Youtube software.

Can you use a video to text editor for interview transcripts?

An interview transcript is some of the most common text transcription formats out there. Therefore, the simple answer is yes you can definitely use a video to text editor for that purpose. Once you are done with converting your interview to text, you can download it as a tetx (txt) transcript file and then reupload it to other videos or add it as a subtitle to a video on Youtube.


There are many video to text converters on the internet, making it hard to decide which transcript softwrae to use to edit your videos. Narrowing it down to the best automatic platforms and websites that are able to both edit and transcribe videos, comes at the top of the list. As mentioned previously, is a full functioning editing website for videos of any formats making it outperform other websites able to only transcribe videos without other editing capabilities or an artificial intelligence software.

In addition, you can always download your transcript files for later use in multiple formats. As a result, platforms able to transcribe speech into txt files are very useful in providing more accessibility to the video world!

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