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As our world advances in technology, language remains one of the barriers that keeps people from communicating with one another. Studies made in 2021 show that many people watch videos on the go without audio. This in return increased the demand for easily generated subtitles. However, most video content creators do not want to take the time out of their day to write their own video subtitles. 

This is a very lengthy and time consuming process that results in publication delays and obstacles. 

From this concept, Subtitles.love was born. Subtitles.love is a powerful AI generated tool developed to enhance digital communication. It was founded by a small team in Europe, but soon enough saw tremendous amounts of success and got acquired by a North American company.  

In addition, the founding team still manages to give a lending hand whenever needed especially when it comes to generating more ways to add value to customers. Subtitles.love serves to give content creators the tool to make generating subtitles much easier. It also offers a range of video and audio editing tools which will not only save you a lot of time and money but also help you expand your reach and brand awareness. 

Our mission is to take amazing content from all over the world regardless of the language and automatically add subtitles to it that are 95% accurate. Since video content has become an important learning and sharing resource nowadays, it is important to use the proper tools to enhance it.

At Subtitles.love, we provide value by giving the best service and customer support to our clients. Today, our product is one of the most used AI tools by many trusted bloggers, podcasters, and youtubers that all share the same values of communicating digitally in a more effective way. Ultimately, life is about having a good time doing what you love. And for us, that’s providing help and support through our tools! 

Blog Plan Outline:

One blog per week focusing on the topics below:

  1. Benefits of subtitles in videos 
  2. Some background/ history about subtitles 
  3. Ways to improve podcast accessibility with subtitles 
  4. How to expand to new global markets with subtitles 
  5. Benefits and uses of AI speech recognition softwares 
  6. Why people tend to watch videos with subtitles more 
  7. How youtubers can reach a wider audience with subtitles 
  8. How covid had an impact on the world of digital learning through video → subtitles play a role here 
  9. Automated vs manual subtitle transcription: pros and cons 
  10.  How AI transcription tools can save money and time 

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