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Nowadays significant amount of content is viewed on mute. Imagine when you are in a subway or in crowded space without headphones you can not hear what’s inside the video. And in 2020 the video content is a King. That’s why it’s very important to add subtitles to any videos that you post. But adding subtitles is not simple and time consuming. That’s why was created. With just 3 simple steps you can prepare your videos to any social media including Instagram.

Step 1. Upload your video

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Just drag and drop your video file that you want to subtitle, select language spoken in your video. The platform accepts any video formats (.mp4, .mov, .avi, .mpeg, etc.). Wait for several seconds while the file is being uploaded.

Step 2. Check subtitles

The system automatically generates subtitles with 95% accuracy. Make sure that subtitles are correct, adjust subtitles. You can fix texts in the left column and adjust timing with bottom controls with time axis.

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After you fixed and checked subtitles you can go to the “Style” tab to adjust appearance and dimensions of your video.

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Step 3. Create and download video

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Thats it! Your video is ready for posting to instagram. And with subtitles you will definitely gain more views!

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